Transformational Life Coach for Introverted Women


Hey! I'm Kristy Victor I'm a transformational life coach and I'm a life-long introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), although I didn't make this discovery until more recently in my life.

As a young child I was so shy and insecure around people that I could barely talk. I'd get overwhelmed and emotional SUPER easy. I was always worried about what I did, how I looked, and what I said so obsessively that I wound up just being super awkward. 

I thought there was something wrong with me and that I had to change. 

I had a hard time talking to people and expressing myself, sometimes I'd cry if I got flustered and embarrassed, I had major anxiety when I was around a lot of people, having to do an oral report in school would nearly ruin my life and sometimes I'd not go to school that day or just get an F so I wouldn't have to do it. It was THAT bad.

After 30 + years of trying so hard to change and "fix" myself because I thought I was broken, I have finally embraced my natural state of being – a highly sensitive introverted woman who is kind, honest, smart, a little put off by large crowds of people, gets overstimulated by too much interaction, and needs a little break and time to myself after long or busy days.

And I'm OK with it!


My passion to help others has come from being there myself and feeling so out of place and alone most of my life. When I discovered I wasn't alone and there are so many others going through the same things it helped me so much to finally embrace myself for who I am – instead of trying to change myself into what society thought I should be.

It was quite a freeing experience to say the least.

Now, my mission is to inspire and empower as many introverted, HSP, and insecure women that I possibly can to stop hiding and embrace who they really are so that they can allow self-acceptance, success, and true love into their life, while finding their own unique way of radiating their gifts into the world.


Throughout my life I have:

  • Let people push me around and put me down for who I was
  • Pretended I was someone I wasn't and liked things I really didn't so I could fit in
  • Been too ashamed to tell anyone I was more comfortable sitting home and reading or watching TV than going out into the busy world
  • Developed an eating disorder (Bulimia) and serious body dysmorphia because I thought I had to look a certain way to fit in and be loved and accepted.
  • Been extremely upset and defensive when someone criticized me (even if it wasn't meant for harm)
  • Gotten massively embarrassed when I didn't do something perfectly or messed something up, especailly in front of peers, and let it bring me down for days
  • Gotten upset and offended when I wasn't invited to things, even though I wouldn't have went anyway, I just wanted to be included
  • Felt completely exhausted after outings or being around a lot of people
  • Had a hard time making friends by just being myself 
  • Always disliked small talk and would roll a million thoughts around in my head about what I could or should say in those situations
  • Felt like and outcast and that I didn't belong
  • Thought I had to be or act a certain way to make friends and have relationships with people


The day came when I found an article on Pinterest that described me to a T and in that moment my entire life of awkwardness, sensitivity, insecurities, and feeling like an outcast and a weirdo went flooding through my mind as I recognized every single trait of an introvert.

I wasn't alone. I wasn't a freak. There was a real reason for my withdrawn and emotional tendencies.

I was finally able to let go and allow myself to be ME, regardless of what other's may or may not think.


It's OK that I feel quiet and reserved sometimes. It's OK to want to retreat to my comfortable home and just chill out. It's OK that I need to take a timeout to recharge and relax after social interactions. It's OK that I get emotional about things.


You're good enough just the way you are NOW


I believe in a healthy balance of all things, and that balance is unique to every person. While I do enjoy getting out and doing fun things and spending time with my family– I also know that I need some days to myself, either binge watching TV shows, reading, taking my dog, Bruce Wayne, for a nice walk, or finding some space to meditate, workout, or journal so I can re-charge and feel like my best self, which in turn allows me to be my best for everyone else in my life.


My journey continues as I now use and share what I've learned during my own transformation so that I can truly help others who are going through similar situations to know that you DON'T have to change or become someone you're not, you can be exactly who you are and achieve your unique goals in way that works for you.


Hit the button below if you're ready to take the next steps towards allowing massive love, success, and self-acceptance into your life while you find doable ways to feel amazing and reach your goals!