Letting go is not easy, I don’t care what anyone says.


Just let it go. You’ll be fine. What’s the big deal?


The big deal is letting go of something you’ve been holding onto for so long isn’t just a throw it away and wipe your hands clean kinda thing.


Naturally, you want to hold tight to things that you think make you feel safe.


A sense of control in things. A relationship that’s over but you’re afraid you won’t find someone else. Negative thoughts running your mind that you’ve believed for so long that they’re now true, in your mind. Lack of confidence in yourself because you haven’t gotten to a place you thought you should be in life, haven’t gotten the results you’ve been striving for, or haven’t gotten to a weight you think you’ll feel better at. You haven’t gotten to that level you think you have to be at to solve all your problems.


It’s not uncommon AT ALL. You’re not alone. You’re not a weirdo!


It’s easy to get discouraged when you're trying so hard to ditch your bad habits and things aren’t, seemingly, going the way you want them to be going.


You’ve been eating better and working out more for 2 weeks now and whenever you look in the mirror you don’t see the final destination goal you set for yourself–so you get frustrated and pissed and you wonder what the point of it all is and why even bother putting any more effort into this if it’s not going to work anyway.


Sound familiar?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying hard work doesn’t pay off or that if you just kept at it, no matter what it is, you would see the results you wanted IF you kept your head on straight while doing it.


You see, it took me YEARS to let go of my self-defeating thoughts and the constant pity party if things we’re going exactly as I wanted them to be. I wanted so badly to hold onto to that "safety net" for when things didn't go well. 


I’m a failure.

This is too hard.

I just don’t have what it takes.

It’ll never happen.

I’m just not good enough.

I’m missing something all the other successful people have.


All these words were actually determining my outcome. Even though I was actually trying so hard to hold onto this way of thinking. They were consuming my brain more than the positive, feel good ones.


I wanted that back up plan. I was sealing my fate, so to speak.


Life is a journey, that’s very often forgotten. You want instant results. You want instant success. But, you rarely want to put the work into YOURSELF to accomplish them.


I’m not pointing fingers at you because we’re all guilty of it in some way. Nobody has their shit together in every area of their life and is just floating around on cloud 9 every second of every day with nothing but positive thoughts.


We all have times where things go wrong, negativity seeps in, something consumes us.


That’s life.


But, truly successful people do have one thing you’re missing. Consistency.


They may have a negative thought here and there, but they’ve committed to releasing the old habits and trained their brain to not dwell on it and they’re able to shift it back to something that makes them feel good. 

ANYTHING that makes them feel good. Maybe it’s their pet. Maybe it’s their child's laughter. Maybe it’s a nice walk outside on a beautiful day. Maybe it's a surprise phone call you got from a special someone.


Getting your mind back to something “feel good” will shift ALL of your thinking away from the negative. It will allow you to get back on your high flying disc. This is where you can work it more and keep thinking about things you enjoy and make you feel good.


The momentum of those positive thoughts will open your mind up to new ideas, opportunities, and impulses that weren’t available for you to see when you were consumed by the problem or lack of something.

You can let go, you just need the right tools to fall back on when you stumble from time to time.