Actually, You Can Eat That

You might be surprised to hear that you are totally in control of what you CAN or CAN'T eat. 

This is coming from an ex-bulimic/emotional eater. But, I get it. It is CRAZY scary to trust yourself to eat "normal" and have the freedom to eat what you want if you're craving something in particular. I was terrified, too.

But hear me out for a sec.

What if you allowed yourself to eat the things you were constantly thinking about and pining for? Let me stress, I am not promoting binging or stuffing yourself like a thanksgiving turkey with said food until you're so uncomfortable all you can do is unbutton your pants and sprawl out on your back, struggling to breathe.

I'm talking about telling yourself nothing is "off limits" and if you're getting a hankering for something, you're allowed to have it. Plain and simple. you may need to remind yourself that eating something super sugary or carby or overindulging on it might make you feel like crap—but knowing you're allowed to eat it is going to be they key. Life is all about balance.

Listen, the moment or brains know we're not supposed to have a specific food or food group, that's naturally all we're going to want to eat!

It's like your friend telling you not to look but the girl behind you just split her pants wide open—you're going to want to look at that!

I know the second I started any diet my mind would race around and around thinking about every single thing I couldn't eat. I'm not a huge bread person, I'm more of a sweets gal, but I'll tell ya all I would want was a big fat cheeseburger or messy pulled pork sandwich, a bagel or like 10 slices of bread with butter–and on one of my bad days I could eat them all, plus some.

Dieting and restrictions for emotional eaters is close to a death sentence. You might as well wave the white flag because you're just asking to fall "off the wagon" violently and tear into every forbidden thing you can get your hands on. 

It's not about willpower or staying strong, it's about being realistic and realizing restrictive diets only add fuel to emotional eating, disordered eating and disliking your body and going to all lengths to change it.

Emotional eating is sometimes used as a way of keeping control when you feel out of control, even though it's actually the complete opposite and you're just adding stress, guilt and shame on top of everything else in an attempt to keep the order.

Take back the control over what you eat. It's no one's damn business but yoursOwn it and be happy, not miserable and hanrgy!

My journey out of bulimia and emotional eating taught me so much about food, emotions and diets. I went through plenty of trial and error–but learning to accept my feelings and emotions and not relate them to food and binges is what ultimately set me free. I learned to separate them and appreciate each for what they are individually.


I now help women who are stuck and frustrated and feel like they have tried everything but can't get out of the emotional eating-dieting cycle. If you're ready to learn how to change your relationship and habits around food, your body and emotional eating and start living your life in balance and alignment with your deepest needs and desires, reply in the comments or shoot me an email to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session to discover what's blocking your freedom around food.