How I Stopped Counting Calories and Got A Life

Let’s get real, counting calories or points takes major effort and makes eating feel like a full-time job.

 What should I have for dinner tonight? I only have 267 calories left for the day and I was kinda bad during lunch with my girlfriends, so maybe I should eat something light, or maybe I should just skip dinner. I don’t want to gain any weight or ruin my progress.

 Sound familiar?

I know so many women who are obsessed with their food log apps and counting points that all they can think about is if they have “enough” to splurge a little here and there if they feel the urge or if something unexpected comes up.

I used to be one of those women. Logging every ounce of anything I put into my mouth, sitting there staring at the numbers and macros wondering what was wrong with me and why I had to eat so much. Why I couldn’t get it perfect everyday.

I was so consumed by it all that I would be on my phone looking at everything at least 20 times a day.

You had too many calories today, what’s wrong with you? Too many carbs, you better not eat any tomorrow tubs.

Every time I would try a diet or resort to calorie counting and restricting myself it would lead me straight to an emotional eating binge.

The thought of not being able to have “high calorie,” “off limit,” “make you fat” foods was pure torture and I handled it by going off the deep end and immersing myself in any sugary, carby food I could get my hands on—and not just a taste, enough for about 20 other people!

Calorie cutting and counting was all I ever knew. It was the ONLY way you could lose weight and change your body in my mind, along with grueling exercise. Luckily, I love to exercise; but I have since leaned to balance that out as well. I exercise because I genuinely enjoy it, not just to burn calories so I can lose weight or prevent weight gain.

Like most people, I was trapped in that mentality for years and years, diet after diet, binge after binge—the same emotional eating-dieting cycle on repeat for what seemed like an eternity.

Learning to toss restrictions and calorie counting and giving myself permission to eat foods I really do enjoy is how I was able to recover from bulimia and emotional eating. It’s so liberating and freeing to not be tied to a calorie or points log, to not hate going out places because I’ll be too tempted to go off plan, and be able to have a couple cookies and move on—knowing I’m not going to gain weight from a few cookies once in awhile and knowing I am allowed to have them again in the future if I choose!

If you feel like your life is consumed by food and calories counting, maybe now is the time to start opening yourself up to learning different ways to approach emotional eating and weight loss to better balance out your life and your goals and be more likely to keep your sanity!


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