3 Simple, but Effective Ways to Beat Procrastination

Can you look back on your life and recall any situations where you played it safe?


Have you ever kept quiet and didn't speak up because you were afraid of judgment, rejection, being criticized or embarrassed?


Did you ever not do something you really wanted to do because it was outside your comfort zone and you thought too much about the worst that could happen, instead of how it could benefit you?


Are you staying in a relationship that's over because it's comfortable, you're afraid you won't find someone else, or you know your significant other knows everything about you and you fear no one else would understand you or accept you?


We've all been there. But, it's somewhere we shouldn't stay at if we want to grow, expand, and experience life to it's fullest potential for us.


Playing it safe is comfortable. We don't have to risk something going wrong or not go the way we planned. It feels better now, short-term, to avoid the "hard" things.


As hard as it was for me to admit it, I played it safe my entire life. Never wanting to be judged, never wanted to be uncomfortable, never wanting to show people the real me because I felt different than other people. Not smart enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough.


I dreamed of this amazing life for myself. A life of freedom helping people and providing massive shifts and transformation for them so they could become the best version of themselves.


When I would daydream about it I felt so free, so amazing, so fulfilled! But, when it came down to make any moves or forward motion to reach it–I froze!


My mind would go round and round with all the things that could go wrong, the people that would judge me or think what I was trying to do was stupid, thinking I was beneath other people and if I tried to engage with people socially that people would see right through me–to the scared little clueless, no college education, shy, stupid girl that had no confidence and no experience.


How did this serve me? Umm, I can tell you that IT DIDN'T!


What it did was prevent me from growing. It prevented me from connecting with people that I could have had great relationships (personal or business) with. It prevented me from experiencing amazing shifts and changes that could have allowed me to be farther along than I am today.


The past is the past and there's no reason to keep yourself stuck in it. Fact is, you can't change the past. It's said and done.


But, you CAN change the future and the decisions you make to better it. You can put yourself in a position to step outside your comfort zone and be open to new opportunities. You can be free to welcome fun and exciting possibilities to your journey. You can grow and reach your full potential.


So, how can you overcome the need to play safe when fear is affecting your decision making?


1. Recognize what it is–exactly

Write down what you're afraid of. What could go wrong? Why are you so scared this will happen? Would this be the end of the world of you tried this and your fears did happen?


2. Ask yourself: What are the odds of these fears actually happening?

Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 of it likely to happen. Then reassess the situation. Are you being irrational?

Could you live with doing something if there was REALISTICALLY only a small chance your fears would actually happen?


3. Then think about the benefits of things going well

Write down every way you could benefit from this situation going well or better than you imagined. How does it affect your life? How does is move you towards your goals?

Would it be setting you up for an even better opportunity to reach your dreams? Could it help end a dead-end relationship and allow you to move forward towards a better, happier, healthier situation?


After you list everything out, look back over the benefits and really ask yourself if the benefits outweigh the negative thoughts, fears, and outlook you have about the situation you're going through.


Are they worth it?