How to Move Forward When You're Frozen with Fear




Seriously, this is the biggest hindrance to any goal you have for yourself.


You think about something that needs to get done and wonder what you should do.


Where do I start?

Is this the right thing?

What if I make the situation worse?

What if I should have done something else instead and now it’s too late?


All these thoughts go round and round in your head; each “what if” leads to another just causing more confusion and being flat out frozen in your tracks.


So what can be done about the overwhelming “what do I do?”


Decide what it is you want out the of the situation and JUST START SOMEWHERE.


Any movement is better than no movement.


There is no right or wrong way. There are things that work and there are things that help you learn what not to do next time, what you actually like or don’t like about something, or something you can teach someone else because of the experience you had doing it.


Most things you do aren’t in vain. They’re almost always for a purpose.

ACCEPT there’s no right answer.

ACCEPT your human and we don’t always go directly from A to B in a straight line.

RELEASE the anxiety and worry about having to have everything go perfectly.

RELEASE the control of things needing to go one way or another.

JUST BREATHE and allow the answer to come to you instead of overthinking it.

TRUST in yourself, God, The Universe that you’re being guided.


So relax and DECIDE you’re going to do something.

Tell me what’s keeping you frozen, confused, and not knowing what to do next in your business, life, relationship, etc and I’ll give you my best advice for taking action.