Why we wait to go for our dreams

Dreams are one of those things we usually think of being “unattainable.”

You hope, pray, and wish for them to come true, while deep inside you don’t really believe they’ll come true or happen.


You dream of nice, long vacations on exotic islands, money to pay off debts and live freely, or having a job you love doing exactly what you want to be doing.


Those lives that feel so far away, like in the movies, but not for your real life.


I always dreamt of being my own boss, of having freedom in my life to do whatever I wanted to do, to work from home and transform women’s lives on an insanely deep level so they could gain the confidence to go out and share their unique gifts with the world.


But, for many, many, many years I looked at it as impossible; a life people on TV live (not someone like me,) something that other people got to experience, people who were smarter, better looking and already came from money.


This was a big fat crazy lie I told myself and a huge reason I never took ANY steps to at least try to go for my soul’s burning desires!


I was afraid of failing if I tried, I was insecure about even having gifts to give to people, I was frozen with fear of others judging me or thinking what I was doing was stupid.


I let my fears, insecurities, and self-doubt keep me from going out and doing anything and, ultimately, holding me back from going for my heart’s dreams, from sharing my gifts with others who need it.


I was in my own freaking way!


How do you even get in your own way, though? Don't you really want the things you dream about and desire?


Of course, you do, but you let your brain convince you of all the reasons why you can’t have it, of all the things wrong with you, of all the things that could happen or go wrong if you did try.


To the point that you don’t even try and begin settling for less than or the life you’re just OK with, not insanely fulfilled by.


God/The Universe or whatever higher power doesn't want you to lead an ordinary, wimpy life. He wants you to live an amazing, abundant, DREAM LIFE carry out your soul’s purpose.


Can you stop and think for a minute and come up with the lies you’re telling yourself that are holding you back from your big dreams?


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