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  • Do you feel like your lack of confidence is preventing you from experiencing bigger things in life like asking for a raise, speaking up when you have something to say, going for a new career, starting your own business, or meeting exciting people?

  • Do you wish you could be in a place where you could stop worrying so much about what other's think about you and just feel comfortable being yourself?

  • Do you want to have less anxiety and overwhelm when you're dealing with people who just don't get you and learn ways to handle, cope and recover from it?

  • Do you feel misunderstood and want to find ways you can comfortably and effectively connect with people that works for you?

  • Do you want to stop feeling so socially awkward around people so you can stop avoiding situations and events and learn ways to comfortably get outside of your shell?

  • Do you want to be able to say NO and not feel guilty about it?

  • Do yo want to find a way to give yourself time and space to recharge so you have much more energy and motivation during the day?

  • Do you want to have a higher level of confidence in who you truly are so you can actually feel comfortable sharing it with others?

  • Do you want to wake up every day feeling refreshed and motivated to take on the things in your life that once stressed you out?

Then this course is for you!


Get this – you can actually change your perspective about the person you truly are and build massive confidence by taking a few steps back and applying some different strategies in a consistent manner.




I know, very well, the feelings of low self-esteem, feeling like an outcast, being misunderstood, not really being able to successfully connect with people, avoiding situations due to major anxiety, overthinking everything, and feeling drained and exhausted after being around a lot of people or doing something I didn't want to do.


I didn't understand what was wrong with me and I wound up getting so overwhelmed with everything.

I felt anxious most of the time.

I would get angry and flustered super easy.

I never know how to interact with people without feeling awkward.

I had no idea how to express myself and definitely didn't feel comfortable doing it.

and I just felt so weird and different from everyone.


There had to be something WRONG with me!


The moment I realized I had a unique personality trait was the moment my life did a 360. IT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME.

This was something I could work with, something I could find out more about and get a better understanding into WHY I feel, act, react, and do the things I do. I wasn't broken, a weirdo, socially awkward, anti-social, too sensitive, or any of the other 100 misconceptions.


And neither are you!



My journey back to my faith , God's word, and His unwavering love was another pivotal step in overcoming my deep rooted insecurities and embracing the person I am.

I remembered Whose I was and that he made me perfectly in His image, highly sensitive and introvertedness included, and created me for a specific purpose. 

My path away from the Word is what made me realize how lost and confused I was without it. It caused me to doubt who I was, not like who I was, wonder if I was good enough, want to hide from most things because it made me overwhelmed, and overthink every possible thing I could.


"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;"
1 Peter 2:9 (NKJV) 

Because of the Fearless Confidence I've gained:

  • A deeper understanding about myself which has allowed to me to be much easier on myself, as well as have an appreciation for my unique qualities instead of being ashamed or hiding them.
  • I'm way less stressed out and anxious because I now know how to take care of myself and my needs.
  • I'm no longer consumed or encompass my life around other's opinions of me, or fear someone will judge me for something. 
  • I found the courage to use my gifts in a way where I could help others and finally started my dream business (I actually started my personal training business 9 years ago and 2 years ago started my coaching business).
  • My relationships have strengthened so much because I feel much more comfortable and confident sharing myself and my thoughts with others, instead of shrinking back and hiding.
  • I feel more confident and comfortable speaking and reaching out to people and just being my authentic self (I was awfully shy and withdrawn for much of my life and this was a HUGE challenge for me!).
  • A much calmer emotional state. I'm no longer all over the place emotionally or let things just stew and roll around and around, making up scenarios that 9 times out of time aren't true or will never happen.
  • I even was able to release resentment I had towards myself and others for being and feeling like such an outcast and misunderstood. This was a very liberating experience and it's cleared so much tension and frustration I held so tightly to.


That's some freeing stuff right there!


And these are just a FEW things I've gained and it changed my view about self-worth so deeply I don't think I could ever go back to my old ways.

You are MORE than capable of achieving massive amounts of confidence too, even if you feel like it's hopeless. You just need someone to show you how.

I can guide you and teach you how!

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This course is done 100% online.

All of the modules will be released on a weekly basis along with all the resources for that week. You'll get an email with that weeks info letting you know it's now available. All the videos, audios, workbooks and other tools can be accessed through this site via a secure login.

You will have access to join my private Facebook group Fearless Confidence specifically for this course.

You have lifetime access to this course, once you buy it's yours forever!

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This module will be an introduction to what each personality type is, highly sensitive and introverted, so you can get a better understanding of what makes you YOU. This is the first stepping stone that's going to get you soaring and beaming with self-confidence.

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This is where you're going to go all in and discover what the real root of your insecurities is. You need to find out what's kept you hidden and playing small, otherwise you'll never be able to effectively take the next steps on your journey.

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This week we're going to get into your emotions. What your triggers are, why they feel overwhelmed, why you're not crazy/dramatic/too sensitive, and more. This way you can be better equipped to handle and deal with them when they arise and even learn to make a plan for when you know tricky situations are coming up. 

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Forgiveness and letting go is another huge part of the process. You can't expect to grow, feel joy and build confidence if you're holding onto past resentments, hurts, and disappointments from others and maybe even yourself. This might be the most difficult module, but after you begin living in the freedom that forgiveness provides you'll understand why it's so worth it.

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Being misunderstood is probably one of the biggest struggles for introverts and HSPs, and although there isn't a "cure" or fix", there are methods and measures you can take to decrease the effects it has on you by understanding yourself and other's personalities better so you're able to feel a sense of self-acceptance that surpasses the need for approval form others.

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Setting boundaries takes courage, it's not easy. Effectively being able to set boundaries is so important for highly sensitive and introverts. You tend to spread yourself too thin and feel guilty turning things down leading to moodiness, anxiety, fatigue, and overwhelm.  Here you'll learn ways you can set and apply healthy boundaries.

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This week is all about solitude! Recharging and alone time aren't luxuries or negotiable, they're so vital for highly sensitive and introverts to run at their optimal level and recharge their batteries. You can't run on empty and you'll be learning why it's so important, ways that connect with you and how you can add it into your day.

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Week 7 is going tackle overstimulation, anxiety, overthinking and overwhelm! Although separate, they all tend to have ties and links to one another. This is where you'll learn methods to drastically lessen the effects and occurrences of each.  You're going to get a better understanding of what each one is and how you can identify your triggers so you're ready control and conquer.

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Developing relationships, the right way, can lessen the amount of anxiety and overwhelm you feel trying to make connections. You'll get tools, strategies, and tactics to move past the awkward socializing and feel better about how you approach small talk.

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Recognizing and acknowledging your strengths is what's going to really put a fire under building up your confidence. You can't live a fearlessly confident life if you can't look within and celebrate the qualities and essence that make you who you are. 

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With all the inner work you've been doing you can't forget to take care of your outer self. Daily life can be overstimulating and demanding and this week you'll be exploring different types of self care practices, the benefits of each, and how to make it a priority in your life.

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You're going to put everything you've learned and discovered all together so you're packed a ready to go out in the world as your brand new self, living fearlessly, confidently and authentically!

What you'll get (4).png
  • A deeper understanding of your unique personality type so you can make it work for you instead of against you.

  • One of the most effective steps in gaining confidence is getting to the root of your insecurities and finding out where it started.

  • Drastically cut down feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that have left you drained and exhausted.

  • Take back the reigns over your thoughts and emotions so you can have a stronger sense of control over your life.

  • Boosted energy levels along with elevated levels of self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Learn how to let go of out of control feelings and emotions.

PLUS: Lifetime access to the course to go at your own pace and even come back and take a fresh look at it.

PLUS: A workbook to go through each module so you can really dive deep

PLUS: Video and audio trainings for each module

PLUS: A discount on any new courses I release in the next 12 months

PLUS: Get the "Sacred Rituals" guide to creating a morning and evening ritual that will maximize your energy levels as a highly sensitive or introverted person


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So, are you ready to have Fearless Confidence?

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Then, let's do this!



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So who am I anyway?

I'm Kristy Victor, I'm an introvert and highly sensitive person. I'm a Life Coach who helps highly sensitive and introverted people stop hiding and embrace who they really are so that they can find and allow massive confidence, success, and true love into their life, while finding their own unique way of radiating their gifts into the world. 

I created this course for those who enjoy a course setting over one-on-one so they too can get the benefits, shifts, and life changes they're desiring.