VIP Diet + Workout Plan


VIP Diet + Workout Plan

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  • Initial assessment via Skype

  • Customized diet and workout plan designed specifically for you and your lifestyle

  • Eight 30-minute 1:1 workouts via Skype and recorded so you can replay anytime!

  • Access to my schedule to set up times/days that work for you

  • Options for all diets types. ie. Paleo, Dairy, Sugar, Nut-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, etc.

  • Workout plans for gym, home, or outdoors

  • Weekly check-ins via Voxer

  • Limited availability


Are you ready to lose those last 10 pounds and actually be able to KEEP IT OFF?

Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out how and what to eat and what workouts to be doing every day?

Do you make excuses about spending time on yourself with healthier eating and exercise?


Then this option is for you're looking for more of a One on One support plan, if you want accountability, need guidance and someone there to lead you along during your workouts, and/or want to get started one on one with me to get into a routine, learn proper form and intensity and want to get the most out of your workout and diet plan!

You'll get all the benefits of the regular Personalized Diet + Workout Plan, plus all the perks of the VIP!

Your health and wellness shouldn't have to be a battle of overwhelm, confusion, and frustration–that's why I'm offering my VIP Diet + Workout Plan so you can take the pressure off having to figure it all out on your own. I'm doing it for you!

Your plan will be structured to whatever you have available. Are you a gym goer? We'll give you a gym plan. Are you a home exerciser? Home is where your workout will stay. Are you an outdoorsy kinda girl? We'll get you moving outside, no problem!

This plan is limited, I only have room for 5 VIP plans at a time as I need time and energy to devote to putting together each customized diet and workout plan and the scheduled Skype workouts. So don't wait to get this bad boy! Once the 5 plans are gone I won't have any more openings for another 8 weeks.


~ Kind words ~

I am not a gym person. For many years, I "donated" an annual fee to one gym after another, but never really used the facilities. And apparently, gyms are only beneficial if you actually go, just belonging isn't enough! Then someone suggested that I try having a trainer come to my house. I thought I would try it a few times and see how it went, not ever expecting to stick with it or actually enjoy it. That was over six years ago and Kristy and I have been a twice weekly team ever since! She is always prepared with a written workout for me, and the workout always concludes with a full body stretch, which is great for all of my orthopedic issues. I find myself looking to reschedule if I have to miss a workout, which was so unlike me before I met Kristy. Thank you, Kristy, for keeping me in shape! –Susan L.

Kristy is a dedicated professional and a dynamic, inspirational instructor. I have trained with Kristy, as well as collaborated with her regarding wellness and nutrition, and I must say she sets the bar at such a level as I've not experienced before. With 17+ years of healthcare experience as a registered nurse, I have never met an individual whose love of people and dedication to her career meets hers. –Mary S.

I have worked with Kristy for over 1 year. She knows her stuff and she works with you, no matter your fitness level or your age. No need to worry about having the right equipment at home, she has ways getting the job done, but if she feels you need specific equipment she will bring it. She is the RIGHT personal trainer to help you reach your goals. –Barb D.

I love training with Kristy! She keeps me motivated and loves what she does-seriously, she wants you to look and feel your best! 
I have been working out with her for months and I never get bored of the workouts and she keeps my fitness goals priority #1. 
She is also very patient with me as I can be a bit of a complainer about working out now that I am in my 40's-but with her encouragement, I get through it and look forward to our next time. 

Loving Victory Fitness! –Jen S.


Kristy Victor has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 10 years and a Certified Holistic Health Coach for 2 years. She has trained and coached clients of all ages, limitations, periods in life, goals and has worked with both men and women. Her training style is safety and form first! She loves to challenge her clients slightly outside their comfort zone to show them what's really possible for them. Most are very surprised with how much they can actually do and how strong they really are. 

Kristy can relate to her clients because she has been in their shoes. She struggled with her weight all her life, was always the "chubby" friend and felt insecure about her body. Before she became a trainer she weighed 185 pounds. Through diet and exercise, she lost 45 pounds and found her love of health and fitness. 

Her goal is YOUR ultimate success. She will challenge you, but not to the point of overdoing it or mimicking a drill Sargeant! (Not her style).