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Work with me


Work with me

Welcome my dear!

Let me ask you something...

  • Are you absolutely FED UP with feeling like you missed your chance to do something impactful with your life?

  • Do you feel like you're STUCK in life or at a job that doesn't feel fulfilling or light you up anymore?

  • Are you lacking a sense of purpose in life and at work?

  • Does the need to have everything perfect stop you from putting yourself out there and trying new things?

  • Do you have this burning desire in your heart to be more... do more.... have more? But, you're totally clueless about how to start or get there?

  • Are you letting your age, self-doubt, insecurities, and fear of failure ruin any chance of living the life you envision for yourself?

  • Do you keep telling yourself that level of success, or making a living doing something you truly love is only for "other people" or just impossible?

  • Do you need some clarity and help defining what exactly it is you want?

  • Are you ready to work with a coach who's been exactly where you are, overcame her obstacles and the nagging voice in her head telling her it was too late, that she couldn't do it and wouldn't amount to anything, and can help you do the same?!

Well, my dear, it's no mistake you're here...

This is YOUR time


Lets do this

Lets do this


I've been there,

I've been in a place of sheer hopelessness and almost gave up on my dreams because it felt IMPOSSIBLE.

Thank God I didn't

I was 30 before I started going outside of my comfort zone and began listening to what my heart was telling me–JUST DO IT and you'll be guided.  I wasn't crystal clear on exactly what it was at the time, but I kept trying out new things and if one didn't work, I moved on to the next. I was clueless half the time, but I was committed to stop letting fear of failure control my life and keep me from living out my deepest desires.

There were MANY times when I told myself I didn't know enough to help people, that everyone doing this was so much younger and that it was pointless for me to try at this time in my life, that I didn't have enough money to get to where I wanted to be, and I didn't have enough of my stuff together really make an impact in people's lives.


These are some of the lies I told myself that kept me working the same unfulfilling job day in and day out, making the same amount of money, not having the freedom to work with people I sincerely enjoyed working with, and ultimately kept me in misery and from pursuing my God-given purpose.


Then, I did something crazy and WAY outside my comfort zone– I hired my first high-level coach. Holy moly was I TERRIFIED! I came up with every excuse as to why I shouldn't make that big move. I didn't think I was the kind of person that could have a coach or could even afford it! That was my head (my ego if you will) playing on my emotions to continue holding me back from chasing my heart's true purpose and passion.

I knew I was guided to her and even though I had no clue how I was going to make the payments every month, I moved some things around and did it anyway. I knew I was being lead and my needs would be met because I listened and followed my heart.

Guess what? Everything worked out!

I've never looked back since that day and I continue working with coaches and mentors and taking courses to better myself so I'm able to serve my ladies on the highest and deepest level I possibly can. 

I don't look at it as stuff I can or can't afford anymore because now I know it's an investment into myself and my true happiness and ultimately, in the end, a gift to my future clients.


And that's how I got here. Seriously!

I'm here for a reason and so are you!

It's no mistake you were lead here, it's divine guidance at work leading you to your next step, the next level.

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New Page

New Page

I found the confidence to follow my soul's purpose

and I can show you how to find (if you haven't already) and carry out yours.



These are a few reasons ladies decide to work with me:

  1. I'm not really sure what my gifts and talents are or if I'm even good at anything.
    When you sit back and think about what you'd like to ultimately do, you often draw a blank, or when you do think of something you brush it off because you feel it's too far-fetched or a dumb idea. You feel like you could never be good at something that would allow you to be successful and do it full-time.

  2. I'm too old.
    You may feel that you're "too old" to even consider finding a new path in life, so you'll just stick to what you know. Your confidence level has gone down in the past few years and you're questioning whether it's a safe move or even a realistic one.  You've gone this far getting by, so why even bother starting all over again? 
  3. What would other people think?
    Deep inside you know you want so much more. You have these dreams and visions of doing something you're passionate about and absolutely love, but when you get bold and step out thoughts come up like, "What will my family and friends think about me trying something so off the cuff?"  "What if I did start my own business and it fails and everyone watching would see and know it's because I couldn't make it?"
  4. I keep avoiding opportunities and chances to follow my dreams and goals.
    You know you could be doing things to move you closer to your goals, but something always distracts you or causes you to avoid doing anything. Then you start losing more confidence in yourself and your calling and wind up not taking any steps, even the small ones. You convince yourself that you're "OK" where you are, you're "safe" and can get by, even though deep inside you KNOW you're meant for something so much bigger.


If any of theses hit a nerve for you, or you found yourself nodding "yes" more than once, then I do believe I can help you!

What's better than having someone by your side that wants your dreams to come true as much as you do?

Someone who can offer new insights and be a voice of reason, help uncover and reframe the limitations you didn't even know where there, be your biggest cheerleader, empower you and support you in stepping outside of your comfort zone, and help bring to light your true passion and purpose throughout your journey.


So, are you ready for more my dear?

My soul's purpose is to guide you towards pursuing YOUR soul's wildest dreams.

Together we will:

  • Point you in the right direction and clear the confusion so you can have the courage to boldly follow your hearts dreams
  • Layout a serious step-by-step plan of attack about HOW to reach your dream life and finally do what you love
  • Guide you to overcome self-doubt and fear of failure while becoming a more confident version of yourself
  • Ditch the procrastination cycle so you can stop accepting the struggle and staying "safe" and begin to gain some traction. 
  • Create positive habits and mindsets that will help you continually move forward (and get back up quicker if you stumble!)
  • Unapologetically follow your heart's desires with ZERO judgment towards yourself
  • Break free from comparing yourself to others and allowing them to dictate what you do {or don't do}
  • Develop a personalized self-care and wellness routine that helps you look and feel like the woman you're meant to be
  • Deliver your God-given gifts
  • Create and LIVE an amazing, abundant, passion-filled life you once thought was impossible!

What you'll get...

When you sign up for the Limited to Limitless Program you'll receive:

  • 8, 45-minute private call sessions with me to dive crazy deep (Yup, we're going there!)
  • 8 Handouts and/or guides to go with each weeks session and homework
  • 8 Inspirational audio recordings from me personally
  • A recording of each of our calls to revisit and go a bit deeper
  • Access to me via Voxer
  • Unlimited email/messenger support between sessions
  • Book and resource recommendations that enhance your transformational journey
  • 100% from me–I will be there with you every step of the way to guide you. I'm here to motivate, encourage, and inspire you to go outside your comfort zone, provide accountability and most importantly, listen to YOU. My goal is your limitless success and confidently living out your passion-filled life!



BONUS-  Access to any webinars or ebooks I have out now or will come out with in the future.

BONUS- A spot in my very first transformational retreat coming summer 2017! { A $2,000 value!}

BONUS- Half off any new courses or programs that come out in the next 3 months! {Savings of up to $1,500!}


All of this is worth over $6,500!

But for a short time I'm offering you my 8-week LIMITED TO LIMITLESS Program for only $1,999!




What if 8 weeks from now you were confidently and proudly living out the big dreams you've been fantazising about for yourself...

How would it feel?


New Page

New Page

What to expect...

You are more than capable of reaching every desire that's been placed on your heart, but we'll need to get real for a minute. 

Your success and growth relies purely on the work you do and put into yourself. I can't do it for you.

BUT I CAN: Be there with you every step of the way. I'll be there to fully support and serve you on MY deepest level. I put my everything into my clients and you should expect nothing short of that from me. I can help you shift and reframe the limiting mindsets that are keeping you stuck. I can spark new beliefs in you and empower you to take inspired action. I can teach you a whole new way to approach life and situations to get the best results. I can help you clear space and make room for new, positive habits and affirmations that will lead you down the road to God's Will for your life.

Everyone's results will vary by their individual needs, circumstances, willingness to dedicate the time and energy, and what they WANT to get out of it.

But one thing is 100% guaranteed... I will give you my all to help you reach your dreams!


So dear, here's your next steps...


  • Click here to schedule your complimentary mini-session with me
  • After you're done come back here and pick a payment option that works for you
  • Add kristy@kristyvictor.net to your email list so you don't miss any important messages
  • After we speak and you're all signed up I'll send you our coaching agreement to sign
  • I'll send you a link to my calendar to schedule your weekly calls






I'm sure you are having an INSANE amount of thoughts going through your head right now.

  • What if it's not right for me? But, what if it IS?
  • It's too late for me to even try to start.
  • I have no business training or education.
  • Can I really commit to this program? 
  • What if I CAN have all my dreams and desires? Wait, but what it doesn't work for me?
  • What if I can't make the payments? What if I max of my credit card and then I have no safety net next month?




I've been there, trust me! So I can tell you I've been through the same thought process. But every time I listen to my heart, and not my crazy brain, I'd always get to the next level and get closer and closer to living my true purpose. 

If you're still on the fence, that's totally cool! Maybe you can try to ask for some guidance. Ask God/The Universe/Your Higher Power to guide you and show you a sign. To direct your steps and ask "Is this right for me right now?"

I challenge you to listen to the FIRST response you get. Why? Because that's your heart talking.


This transformation is going to be amazing, I hope you'll join me so we can go on this life-changing journey together!



I'm so excited for your next steps!


xoxo, Kristy